Monday, December 31, 2007

Much to catch up on

Yes! I successfully finished Deanna's scarf, fringe and all. She loved it! This was the first knitted gift I've given anyone, and boy, it is a rewarding feeling.

I received some great presents this year, including tweed yarn and a few skeins of alpaca (SO soft!) I also have a $50 Michael's gift card. Yep, I'll be heading out there to take advantage of their sales!

Some other gifts I received (not knitting related):

Black t-shirt with glow-in-the-dark message "Pluto...Never Forget"
Grizzly Bears CD (good music!)
$100 visa gift card (spent at Aeropostale/Fossil outlets)
History of Mythology book (I'm a myth buff)
Abercrombie belt
Publix gift card (hey, I'm a poor college kid)

Deanna and her husband didn't forget about my pup, either. He received homemade peanut butter treats, stuffed animals, and bones to chew on!

During the break I ventured to Hobby Lobby, since we don't have one in Gainesville. I bought three skeins of Yarn Bee, 100% polyamide yarn. I knitted a "Calico" scarf for myself, and I love it! This leads to my next topic: the need to expand my knitting horizons. It's New Years Eve, and it's about time that I come up with some New Years knitting resolutions. My next project is not allowed to be a scarf. It has to be something more complex. I am planning on taking Silver's Sock Class (she's a moderator at, and I conveniently still have that hank of Sweet Feet sock yarn. In a thread I recently read at KH, a knitter learned how to make socks and concluded that sock-making was an addiction. I'm all for it!

I wonder where this New Year will take me...

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